Experts in pensions law

Blom Veugelers Zuiderman is the right address for all questions related to pensions law. We are the top player in this field. We translate complex issues to understandable and applicable advices and we give practical solutions in complex disputes.

Sharp and strategic

We litigate and advise. Our advisory practice is important, however, we never forget that we are lawyers in heart and soul. Our litigation experience helps to determine our strategy and sharpens our advice.


Pension is a complex topic. It concerns long periods in time, many parties involved and a lot of money. New products (flexible pensions) and new providers (PPI and APF) enter the market. The law changes regularly and European regulations are increasingly important.

Our experience

Pensions law is our expertise. We write articles about it, give presentations about it and we are active in advisory and arbitration committees. Our pension lawyers have the knowledge and experience that is needed to solve your pension issues.

We are here to help

Are you facing a pension problem? We will examine it together with you and using our experience, we will look for an appropriate solution: a legal procedure, a short advice or mediation. We search for the right solution for your specific situation.

We have extensive experience in turnaround management of pension funds, implementing the continuously changing pension fund governance principles founded in the Dutch Pensions Act. Also, we assist pension funds and employers dealing with the financial consequences of low interest rates and longevity, e.g. advising on pension funds mandatory recovery plans or on employer funding obligations in respect of deficits.

Our field of practice is exclusively pension law; we deal with every aspect in this field, e.g.

  • Indexation funding
  • Termination of funding/administration agreement
  • Negotiations/claims with respect to pension insurance contracts
  • Duty of care, employers and pensions advisers
  • Pension fund governance; Liquidation of pension funds
  • Changing of pension plan
  • Additional funding liabilities
  • Transfer of pension assets and obligations
  • IORP

Interested to find out more?

Are you interested to hear what we can do for you? Do you have a case you would like to present to us? We are interested to inform you further. Please contact us via the numbers below:

Rotterdam Office:+31 (0) 10 232 70 60

Utrecht Office:+31 (0) 30 262 80 52


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