Your pension is our specialization

Your pension can be more complicated than you initially expect. That is precisely why we are happy to help you. Our pension lawyers are team players, for whom a pleasant cooperation with you is paramount. Our challenge is to develop clear and pragmatic tailor-made solutions with which you can really move forward.
Curious about our services for your pension? Below you will find examples of recent work that we have performed for various clients.


We resolve disputes regarding your pension, preferably without judicial interference. If this is not possible, our lawyers are more than willing to assist in legal proceedings.


Our pension lawyers know all about your pension, are familiar with the current pensions market and would gladly provide you with advice on the legal aspects of complex issues, like the organisation of your governance, a buy-out or pension plan changes.


We are familiar with different types of dispute resolutions and often act as mediator, a third party charged with giving binding ruling or arbitrator for your pension. We take part in complaints or appeal committees per request.

For whom


• Give advice regarding changes in a pension agreements

• Mediate in case of affiliation to two or more compulsory industry-wide pension funds

• Litigate up until the Supreme Court regarding the ending of an execution agreement

Pension fund

• Buy out and liquidation of company pension funds

• Advising cross-border pension funds

• Governance

Insurance companies

• Give advice on ending an indefinite execution agreement

Works councils / accountability bodies

• Give advice regarding changes in a pension agreements

Employees and (Association of) pensioners

• Mediation regarding the pension agreement of a board member, that was not carried out correctly by the employer (an international shipping company).

• Give advice regarding hybrid final pay ambition schemes (‘streefregelingen’)

(Pension) advisors, accountants and lawyers

• We regularly work together with other professionals. We advise on specific issues regarding pension law or procedural law.

Other services

Due diligence

The pension lawyers from BVZA perform due diligence-research on takeovers. We give an indication of the possible risks in the field of pension law. We also provide wording for the necessary provisions in the takeover agreement regarding pension warranties and indemnifications.


Per request, we will provide presentations and in-company trainings.

Would you like to know more?

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