Jeroen Los (Lawyer)

mr. J. Los (1959)

Jeroen assists companies, works councils, insurance companies, pension funds, accountability councils and stakeholder bodies. Also individuals can go to Jeroen for help (employees and pensioner).


Jeroen started his career in 1987 as legal expert in pensions for a big pension insurer. As from 1995 he started working as a pension consultant at a renowned advisory firm for mainly pension funds. As from 2010 he has worked as a pension lawyer combining his experiences within the pension insurer and the insights in many pension funds.





Secondary activities

Jeroen regularly acts as a pension teacher for various pension courses and workshops (law firms, training centres, etc.). Jeroen is a member of the Association for Pension law (the most important platform for everybody working in pension law) and he is a member of the Circle of Pension Specialists (a forum for pension experts, highly respected by the political arena). Jeroen also wrote several books and continues to publish regularly in trade related magazines about different topics within pension.


Activities, publications and education

Are you curious to find out more about Jeroen’s CV, publications and education? You can find them by using the above LinkedIn link. Publications can be found on our website as well.
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