Marieke Mulder (Lawyer)

mr. M.W.M. Mulder (1991)

Marieke Mulder has been working in the pension sector since 2014. As of the 1st of February 2020 Marieke has been working for Blom Veugelers Zuiderman Advocaten.


During her law studies Marieke worked at a pension provider as an administrative assistant pensions administration. Since her graduation in 2015 Marieke worked as a pensions advisor for employers and as a pension lawyer. Because of her broad-based background Marieke has experience with various elements of pensions. Not only the legal aspect, but also the implementation, actuarial and fiscal aspects. Because of this Marieke is able to understand and solve complex multidisciplinary pension issues.

(030) 262 80 52 (Utrecht) en (010) 232 70 60 (Rotterdam)


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