Experts in pension law

We have the knowledge and experience you can expect from good pension lawyers. That goes without saying. However, in our opinion, this is just the start. Our pension lawyers are team players who value a pleasant collaboration with you first. We focus on giving you clear and pragmatic solutions tailored to your specific situation that will help you move forward.


Curious to find out more about our services? On this page you will find examples of recent activities we did for a diverse range of clients.



We prefer to solve your pension disputes without interference of the court. If that is not possible, our pension lawyers are at your service to assist you in legal procedures.


Our pension lawyers know the pension market and are happy to advise you on the legal aspects of complex situations, such as the organization of your governance, a buy-out or change of your pension system.


We understand how to apply the different forms of litigation and often act as a mediator, binding advisor or arbitrator. Upon request we will take place in Complaints Committees or Appeals Committees.

Recent activities


  • Advise about a change in the pension agreement
  • Mediate for a double affiliation in a compulsory industry wide pension regulation
  • Litigate up until the Supreme Court about ending an execution agreement

Pension funds

  • Buy out en liquidatie van ondernemingspensioenfondsen
  • Begeleiden van pensioenfonds naar het buitenland
  • Governance

Insurance companies

  • Advise on ending an indefinite execution agreement

Works councils / Accountability councils

  • Advise on changes in the pension agreement

Employees and (associations for) pensioners

  • Mediation for the pension scheme of a member of the Board of Directors that wasn’t executed well by the employer (an international shipping company)
  • Advise on capital sum agreements (achieve a fixed capital on the retirement date)

(Pension) advisors, accountants and lawyers

  • We collaborate together with other professionals on a regular basis and advise them about specific pension law or litigation issues.

Other activities

Due diligence

The pension lawyers of BVZA conduct due diligence research in acquisitions. We indicate possible risks in terms of legal pension areas. We supply the texts for the necessary clauses for pension guarantees and safeguards in the acquisition agreement.


Upon request we give presentations and in-company training courses

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